Homestead Patent

 Homestead Patent

 is a mode of acquiring alienable and disposable lands of the public domain for agricultural purposes conditioned upon actual cultivation and residence.

Where should Homestead Application be filed?

A Homestead application like any other public land applications should be filed at the DENR-Community Environment and Natural Resources Office where the land being applied for is located.

Who are qualified to apply?

  1. Citizens of the Philippines.
  2. Over 18 years old or head of the family.
  3. Not the owner of more than 12 hectares of land pursuant to the 1987 constitution

Can a married woman make a Homestead entry?

A married   woman can now apply for a   patent application under DAO-2002-13 dated June 24, 2002 issued by the then Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources   Heherson T. Alvarez. This is in accordance with Article II, Section 14 of the Constitution and Republic Act No. 7192 otherwise known as the "Women in Development and Nation Building Act" as implemented by DAO No. 98-15 of May 27, 1998 on "Revised Guidelines on the Implementation of Gender and Development (GAD) Activities in the DENR". This Administrative Order gives women, equal right as men in filing, acceptance, processing and approval of public land applications.

Legal Requirements?

  1. Application fee of P50.00;
  2. Entry fee of P5.00;
  3. Final fee of P5.00;
  4. Approved plan and technical description of the land applied for;
  5. Actual occupation and residence by the applicant;

Steps leading to the issuance of a Homestead patent?

  • Filing of application;
  • Preliminary Investigation;
  • Approval of application;
  • Filing of final proof which consists of two (2) parts;
  1. Notice of intention to make Final Proof which is posted for 30 days.
  2. Testimony of the homesteader corroborated by two (2) witnesses mentioned in the notice.The Final Proof is filed not earlier than 1 year after the approval of the application but within 5 years from the said date. 
  • Confirmatory Final Investigation;
  • Order of Issuance of Patent;
  • Preparation of patent using Judicial Form No. 67 and 67-D and the technical description duly inscribed at the back thereof;
  • Transmittal of the Homestead patent to the Register of Deeds concerned.

Signing and Approving Authority?

For Homestead and Free Patents:

  1. Up to 5 hectares (has.) - PENRO
  2. More than 5 Has. to 10 Has. - RED
  3. More than 10 Has. - DENR Secretary