A webpage containing all the data on the country’s environment natural resources was put up by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

The “Environmental and Natural Resources Statistics Information Systems” (ENRSIS),, provides integrated information on the country’s environmental and natural resources.

Environment Secretary Ramon Paje said ENRSIS is a useful tool for the public, organizations and institutions in pushing for sustainable development through environmental planning.

“By creating this centralized resource, the ENRSIS allows the public to use with greater efficiency the power of reliable information as a tool to empower themselves,” Paje said.

Apart from serving as a repository of theof the government’s natural resources data, the ENRSIS also facilitates easy collation and valid comparison of data across sectors.

Paje said the website will help civil servants make a qualitative analysis of the government’s performance in its key environment programs such as urban and rural poverty reduction through sound environment conservation and protection measures, land distribution, food production and climate change adaptation.

“With the ENRSIS, it is now easier to track the progress we are making over a wide variety of concerns or to compare and analyze varying environment policies,” Paje said.

Two web portals – land and soil resources statistics and water resource statistics – were built to support the website.