Requirements on the issuance of Deed of Sale Under Friar Lands Act

  • Friar lands application duly accomplished by the applicant/s and acknowledged/ratified before an authorized officer/official;
  • Preliminary investigation report (Information Sheet);
  • Recent appraised value of the land (Appraisal Report) DAO 98-20, S. 1998; latest assessed value of the land from Assessor's Office and BIR Zonal Valuation;
  • Categorical findings as to whether or not the land is already covered by Transfer Certificate of Title in favor of private person;
  • Two copies of approved plan; Original and/or certified copy of the technical descriptions of the land and a certification that it overlaps/does not overlap an old survey/claim when projected in the projection map; certified copy of projection map;
  • Proof of payment of the 10% and/or full purchase price of the land;
  • Proof of publication by bandillo and proof of posting of notice made before auction sale;
  • Report of Auction Sale;
  • Sales Contract/Certificate and a certified xerox copy of the sale register page of the lot; 
  • Investigation report that will ascertain the complete names and addresses offal the actual occupants, kind of improvements thereon and introduced by whom; status of the land whether it is free from claims and conflicts and other material information’s pertaining to ownership;
  • Enclosed form of affidavit to be duly accomplished by the applicant/s and submitted to this Office;
  • A joint affidavit stating that neither of the registered purchaser during his/her lifetime nor any of the legal heirs have/has received the title to the land;
  • The exact residence and mailing address of the applicant;
  • Others:    
      1. Certification from CENR Office that the applicant is not a holder of any friar lands application;
      2. Certification from CENR Office that the land is not covered by any friar lands application;
      3. Submit TIN (Tax ID No.) as per EO No. 98 dated April, 1999;
      4. Certification duly ratified by the RED certifying that the land is free from claims and conflicts; does not overlap any previously approved survey; has not been disposed of and/or issued deed of conveyance to other person; and not covered by other friar land application.